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Shipping to Taiwan

We can ship to Taiwan. Taiwan customers can also buy from our sole agent, please contact
When placing an order on our official website, please note the following:
  • Shipping fee is calculated by weight. Free shipping discount does not apply.
  • Payment must be made by credit card or paypal account, and settled in Hong Kong dollars.
  • Before checkout, please enter the recipient's name and ID number in the remarks field on the shopping cart page.
  • According to the Taiwan Customs notice, Taiwan customer must use "EZ WAY" mobile app to complete real-name verification. Detailed registration instructions can be browsed Taiwan Custom Website
  • The goods will be shipped within two working days. Courier delivery takes about 2-3 days.
The freight fee is calculated by online shop system. Subject to change without notice
 0-0.5 kg HKD40
0.5-1 kg HKD53
1-1.5 kg HKD66
1.5-2 kg HKD79
2-2.5 kg HKD92
2.5-3 kg HKD107
3-3.5 kg HKD122
3.5-4 kg HKD137
4-4.5 kg HKD152
4.5-5 kg HKD167
5-5.5 kg HKD182
5.5-6 kg HKD197
6-6.5 kg HKD212
6.5-7 kg HKD227
7-7.5 kg HKD242
7.5-8 kg HKD257
8-8.5 kg HKD272
8.5-9 kg HKD287
9-9.5 kg HKD302
9.5-10 kg


For detailed registration instructions, please visit the official website of Taiwan Customs

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