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Book storage set (8 pieces)

Book storage set (8 pieces)

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We recommend to you 3 of our strongest book storage bags, which are clear at a glance, well organized, and made of thick materials to protect your beloved books.

Combo includes:
(1) HD storage bag side pull (handle) type 17L 2 pieces
(2) 2 zipper homework bags (A4) 2 pieces 
(3) 4 high-definition document book bags (A4) 4 pieces


(1) HD storage bag side pull (handle) type 17L
  • Size: 36L x 26W x 18H (cm)
  • Wide opening design, easy to take and place
  • The handles on both sides are sewn on the bottom with double webbing, making them sturdy and durable.
  • Neatly organized, divided into categories, clear at a glance
  • Zipper design, easy to take and place
  • Made of extra-thick 0.3mm transparent PVC and thickened nylon edges, practical and durable
  • Dust-proof and anti-fouling, the bag surface is easy to clean
  • Can be stacked up and won't slide down easily, making full use of every inch of space
(2) Zipper homework bag (A4)
  • Dimensions: L34cm x W25cm x 8cmH side circumference
  • Extra long zipper, wide opening,  large capacity
  • Front zipper compartment
  • 0.3mm environmentally friendly transparent PVC material, nylon edge

(3) High Definition Document Book Bag (A4)
  • Size: L31cm x W22cm x 8cmH side
  • Store books, worksheets and documents by subject and organize them neatly
  • Velcro pockets, with pockets on the front and spine, allowing items to be clearly labeled and identified
  • It can be placed vertically in a bookcase, or placed flat and stacked in bags to prevent it from sliding down easily.
  • 0.3mm environmentally friendly transparent PVC material, nylon edge, nylon accordion fold
  • Suitable for use at home or in the office

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