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Clothing and Bedding storage set (6 pieces)

Clothing and Bedding storage set (6 pieces)

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The most frustrating thing about storage is not the storage process, but the fact that soon after you organize it, your family will rummage through it, and your efforts will be wasted! Have you ever thought about the reason why your family members are arrogant and careless? Are the storage supplies you use opaque and difficult to find? Is it troublesome to put it back and compress it after use? Are clothes classified? Now, there is "easy to find" "easy to categorized" Bagtory storage bags, you can easily eliminate all worries!

Combo includes:
( 1 ) HD storage bag double opening mixed style 14L/20L/30L 3 pieces in total
( 2 ) HD storage bag double opening large size D30L 2 pieces
( 3 ) HD storage bag wide opening 82L 1 piece

D14L: L32 x W14 x H32 cm
D20L: L32 x W20 x H32 cm
D30L: L36 x W26 x H32 cm
W82L: L56 x W46 x H32 cm


Easy to take and put double opening clothing storage bag (D14L/D20L/D30L):

  • Top pocket for easy storage of clothes
  • Front pocket for easy access
  • Suitable for storing seasonal clothes
  • Classified into categories, clear at a glance
  • Made of 0.3mm transparent and environmentally friendly PVC material, thick and durable
  • Thickened nylon edges, high-quality smooth zippers
  • Dust-proof and stain-proof, easy to clean
  • Flexible placement, can be stacked up, not easy to slide down, making full use of every inch of space

Large capacity wide opening quilt bag (W82L):

  • Wide opening design, convenient for placing large quilts or pillows
  • Reinforced handles, strong sewing, practical and durable
  • Smooth zipper
  • Long handle, can be carried on the back or carried by hand

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