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Good helper for house removal or new school year

Shared by Alfred Growth Diary

My family was busy for moving to a new house earlier, and I believe parents with children will understand that there is a big difference between having children and no children when house removal. After having children, there will be different types of toys, books, and little things! So with good storage methods or storage tools, it will be much easier to finish this big project!

The following is a small sharing tip of my storage, I hope everyone can easily store his things now~

(1) Make good use of space: Make good use of every inch of space, even the position under the wardrobe, as long as you make good use of it, you can store things.

(2) Make good use of storage bags or compartment of storage boxes: it is more flexible when storing and easier to sort.

(3) Make good use of walls: Hong Kong is so small that it is impossible to put too many lockers inside the house, so you need to use hanging bags to hang up your storage bag/box.

And I recently used the following storage bag to help.

[A4] E-SEE Document / Book Bag BKA48

Size: 31L x 22W x 8H (cm) – gusset base

We store things by category, neatly organized. Because of Nylon gusset base, it does not occupy much space if not in use. Moreover, the bag is durable because its 0.3mm environmentally friendly transparent PVC material and the nylon binding are not easy to damage.

Purchase linkBKA48

Can classify toys

In addition, my kid, Alfred, is just graduated from Nursery school. I need to properly organize his notices, drawings or books. At the same time, he has entered the stage of asking everything, so I used to search much information from Internet, which is fun to teach!

Large card hanging chart (5 rows) PC116S

Size: 43W x 65H (cm) / Card slot: 5 rows (no grid) / Card slot height: 11cm / PVC height: 6cm / Each row can hold up to 11cm height of character cards.

There is no SEAM in the middle, so the length of the character card is not restricted. It is suitable for schools and families

Purchase linkPC116S

Recently Alfred asked me where the solar system is? So I downloaded planet’s photos and matched with some text, and I simply made a Polar System matching cards

Also can play numbers and size sorting

You can play shape-matching game

Play shape matching game by using blocks I bought years earlier

Rainbow Hanging Book Bag (4 compartments) BCR04

Hanging book bag size: 62W x 67H(cm) Size of each grid: 30W x 30H x 4D(cm)

Transparent small front pocket can place index. Nylon base mwith 0.3mm transparent PVC material.

Textbooks, homework and worksheets can be placed in a transparent pocket for easy to see. In addition, each pocket is large that it can contain books of whole semester. It is convenient for children to bring textbooks of each school-day and avoid making mistakes. And it can be hung on the wall or behind the door, saving space and practical.

Purchase linkBCR04


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