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Large capacity ice bag | Insulated bag | 10L 20L 30L | CB Series

Large capacity ice bag | Insulated bag | 10L 20L 30L | CB Series

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Made of high-quality thermal insulation foam, the inner wall of the bag is wrapped with aluminum foil, which has a good temperature control effect on hot food and cold drinks. The large-capacity design is suitable for picnics and camping, keeping hot food warm and holding soft drinks, juices and other beverages, making it easy to enjoy fresh food or frozen drinks at any time. It is also suitable for shopping for food, drinks, refrigerated food, seafood, etc. The voltage liner has an anti-leakage function, so even if you carry the ice pack on your shoulder, you are not afraid of staining your clothes or getting wet and dirty your car. The fully detachable zipper opening makes it easy to access items and avoid unnecessary complication. It is a must-have thermal and cold-keeping fresh-keeping bag for families.

10L: 25L x 19W x 23H (cm)
20L: 33L x 23W x 26H (cm)
30L: 35L x 27W x 33H (cm)

- 3 colors: strawberry, macaron green, macaron purple
- 5mm thick thermal insulation foam, thermal insulation effect is 3-4 hours, cold insulation effect is 5-6 hours (data is for reference only, depends on on-site temperature changes)
- Food grade aluminum film lining, easy to clean, waterproof and dirt-resistant
- Internal aluminum film lining is leakproof
- Water-repellent Oxford fabric
- High-quality nylon webbing handles, equipped with thoughtful handle bags, which do not strangle your hands
- Comes with detachable and adjustable shoulder strap
- CB30L is equipped with horizontal webbing handles on both sides for easy lifting
- There is a zippered mesh bag inside the top of the bag, which can hold tableware
- The bottom of the bag is glued canvas, waterproof and dirt-resistant, easy to clean
- Mesh pockets on both sides can hold tablecloths, paper towels, etc.
- Comes with a front zipper pocket for small items
- Upgraded design of the rear zipper bag, which can not only hold mobile phones, power banks, etc., but also tie ice bags on the shopping cart
- The ice bag is foldable, and combined with the storage strap inside the bag cover, it is easy to store and does not take up space.

Note: Do not put sharp and hard-shelled food or objects directly into the ice bag to avoid puncture of aluminum film liner, it is recommended to put them inside a fresh-keeping container before placing in ice bag.

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