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BAGTORY E-See Storage Bag - a super good helper for seasonal home storage


Everyone should know that Taiwan starts to enter winter now. I am looking forward to it because I like to wear winter clothes. However, when I think of the change of seasons, the most troublesome thing is that the clothes and bedding must also be changed too. Why does every season change make people feel terrible, because storage is a big project! Not only store them, but also need to store in different category. Such as dresses, tops, bottoms, coats, accessories, etc.. Basically I store them separately, otherwise, it's really hard to find them after two seasons.


Before I had a baby, I could manage it. After I have a baby, I seriously think that changing the season is a terrible thing. Because children are growing up very quickly, the season changing does not like adults - store summer clothes and take out winter clothes. For children, it is not so simple.

First of all, I have to divide it into two parts - one is for next year, and the other is not for next year. These two kinds of clothes are stored separately. Of course, I have to do it double because I have two children.


Currently my son lives in my mom’s home. In my mom’s home, I mainly put clothes that he wears in the season. For his out of season’s clothes, I put them in my home. This is my son’s wardrobe in my mom’s home, it doesn’t seem messy because I have divided and stored his clothes into two homes.



I used to store my son’s clothes in plastic box at my home, totally 9 boxes. That's right! All these are my son’s clothes. Now, I am in pregnant that his younger brother will be delivered soon. Once he is delivered, then those storage boxes will be at least double and they may be stacked up to the ceiling. In fact, this does not include our adults' things.

And have you noticed? I always use paper to note what size of clothes this box is because it is really not easy to determine what is in the box just looking from the outside.



There is a hole in the lid, so I will use paper to cover the hole so as to prevent dust and dirt entering the box and making things dirty.



Later, my friend introduced me to try Bagtory E-SEE storage bag. At first, I really didn’t care. I thought: "It will like those storage bags that I bought before." My friend gave me one set and I wanted to see how amazing it would be!




After receiving and using Bagtory E-SEE Storage Bag, I really wanted to give it a thumbs up! (Like the picture below) It's really super helpful, and I have to buy few more sets for myself.



A set of Bagtory E-SEE Storage Bag has 3 different sizes - one for each of large, medium and small.

It is made by specially thick 0.3mm environmental protection transparent PVC, high quality and durable double zipper. There are two colors and the difference is only the binding color of the bag.

The white nylon binding/edging is relatively thin, so it is recommended to store small or thin clothes.

Golden yellow thick nylon binding/edging is thicker, so thicker coat or quilt can be stored.

There are 3 pieces in 1 set:

1. (Large) Double opening : Wide type, suitable for storing large garments such as thick coats and down coats.

Dimensions: 36L x 26W x 32H (cm).

2. (Middle) Double opening : Space-saving style, moderate size, suitable for storing adult shirts and pants.

Dimensions: 32L x 20W x 32H (cm).

3. (Small) Double opening : Space-saving, slim and practical, suitable for storing small pieces of clothing and apparel

Dimensions: 32L x 14W x 32H (cm).



I shoot these 1 set with my son sitting beside.



Just like this, three storage bags - large, medium and small

Left: 36L x 26W x 32H (cm)

Middle: 32L x 20W x 32H (cm)

Right: 32L x 14W x 32H (cm)



Every storage bag has a Bagtory label, please do not buy imitations!



The sewing of binding/edging is very solid, and I don’t worry about cracking after stuffing.



The zipper is also easy to pull and it won’t get stuck



First of all, let’s take a look at my son’s wardrobe. Normally, son’s clothes will be fewer than daughter’s.

Even so, it is really a headache for me to store them for season changing.



Then I spent nearly two hours for storing my son’s clothes. Since I only have one set of Bagtory E-SEE Storage Bags, I think I need one more set to store all clothes of my 2 sons’ clothes.



You see, all clothes stored in four plastics boxes are now stored in 3 pieces of storage bag. The space almost saves around 50%



The big storage bag I used to hold my son's thicker jacket, and this bag can store thick winter coats*5 pieces, winter thick coats*5 pieces, and summer thin coats*3 pieces. There is still empty space left that I estimate that at least 3 to 5 more thick coats can be stored.



And the best part is that Bagtory E-SEE Storage Bag is fully transparent. So there’s no need to worry about putting things in, they won’t be found or it will take a long time to find them. In the past when those clothes were stored in plastic box or bag, it was very troublesome to take out one of them.

First of all, you may simply forget which bag or box that you have put in, and then after finding which bag or box to put in, you may have to search for a long time before you see what you are looking for. Just thinking of this process and you will have headache! For Bagtory E-SEE Storage Bag, there are opening at the side, you can take whatever you want, convenient and fast



For middle storage bag, I use to store their next spring and summer clothes. Even middle storage bag has stored 40 pieces of summer tops and 10 pieces of summer pants, it is not yet full. I personally think that I can store at least 10 more pieces.



There is opening at the side for easy access of clothes.



Just like this, you just take which one you want to take - open, reach and get it.



Bagtory E-SEE Storage Bag has double zipper design on the top & side, which is very helpful to users




The small storage bag can store summer tops*15 pieces, summer pants*3 pieces, winter tops*5 pieces, winter pants*7 pieces, I totally store 30 pieces in the smallest storage bag!



Of course, it is not yet full and I can store more



The zipper is easy to pull even you put all clothes in, and it won’t become too tight after it’s full



The clothes in the original four plastic storage boxes can now be completely stored in three storage bags. I put those bags on the top of the wardrobe



Like this, my son’s clothes are not so many!



Originally, the space occupied by plastic storage box was immediately saved by half. It is estimated that the space of remained plastic storage boxes can be completely replaced by one more set of E-SEE Storage Bags. How come I know this great storage bag so late.



Because it is made of PVC material, there is friction that storage bag can be stacked up without slipping. It is more space-saving, and dust-proof and water-proof. Of course not only can be used to store clothes, but also children’s toys, dolls, and everything else.




You will understand by watching this video demonstration


Comparing before and after photos, you can see problem of seasonal storage is really solved and the home space is immediately larger. I want to buy two more sets for myself, and buy two sets for my mother. Because it is not only used for season changing, but also it is useful for storage of many hone items, e.g. children’s toys, doll or less frequently used items. Those bags are dust-prrof, water-proof and anti-fouling. Once I use it, I really like it




==============Below are new update==============


I finally received those storage bags I bought, so I quickly tidy up my closet by using them. I personally like to buy pantyhose and silk stockings, because I like to wear dresses. In result, I accumulated many pantyhose and silk stockings, and I stuffed them into a box



There are many pairs, and half of them have not been opened and worn



Look. The bottom of the box is so dirty! If I know it, I dare not to wear those pantyhose from this box



I put all pantyhose in the small size of storage bag. Not only all pantyhose were stored, but also I added gloves and other small items. The storage bag had a zipper, and the dust and dirt could not enter this bag now.



After tidying up, the closet is much spacious now.



The most amazing result was here~~~~ Originally I needed nine storage boxes for storing clothes, but now I only need four storage bags instead! It saved much space.



After switching to use Bagtory E-SEE Storage Bag, the location used to put these 9 plastic storage boxes could be used to store other sundries. The space at home had indeed increased a lot!




==============Below are new update==============


This is my large storage bag for storing winter clothes, totally 8 sweaters + 3 tops + 4 dresses, and it still has space that I can put 2 or 3 pieces more.



Now the weather was unstable that it was cold today and it would be warmer tomorrow. It was difficult to wear suitable clothes every day. The storage bag is designed with two openings, so you can take out any clothes you want. You don’t have to move them all out, it’s really convenient!



Those were my kids’ storage bags. Although it was transparent design that everything stored was seen clearly, it was easy for us to find out any cloth that we wanted




At the corner, those empty storage boxes of IKEA were stacked up and there were replaced by Bagtory E-SEE Storage Bag now



Look at the before and after comparison! Does it save a lot of space?



Copied from [Liang Liang Parenting Life] Blog