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BAGTORY Multi-purpose Activity Bag Series ~ It's easy to use

We have been group buying BAGTORY bags for two years, and we have accumulated a lot of users.

Recently, many moms asked me when I would launch other BAGTORY products because BAGTORY do not only has clothing storage bag! Finally BAGTORY heard our voices. This summer, we are going to officially launch multi-purpose activity bag.


The multi-purpose activity bag is available in two sizes:

1. Narrow type AB29 (left)

2. Wide type AB32 (right)


Multi-purpose activity bag - narrow type AB29 (not including binding ring)

Size W28*L29 cm

There are 6 colors in total: pink/blue/yellow/green/orange/purple,

A set of two colors (pink + blue, yellow + green, orange + purple) or a set of six colors


The above shows 2-color sets & 6 color set


I chose the 6-color set and every color is so beautiful.


Multi-purpose activity bag - wide type AB32 (not including binding ring)

Size W26*L32 cm

The color scheme is the same as the narrow type


The size of wide type is larger than narrow type


The wide type activity bag can accommodate A4 size things


The binding ring is randomly selected by BAGTORY. But don’t worry, all five colors look good, so I am absolutely satisfied once I received them.


The binding ring is easy to use


No matter what color combination of binding ring looks good


The difference between the narrow type and wide type is not only the size, but also

the narrow type is transparent on both sides while the wide type is transparent on one side


The wide type has a handle design. I personally suggest not to use the handle if many things are contained inside the bag


Please notice that BAGTORY brand is genuine


The narrow type is fully transparent.


The zipper is easy to pull


It’s no problem for child to pull the zipper by himself


There is a small buckle design the child can hang his charm


The narrow type is designed with two buckles


Narrow type is more convenient to carry when going out, and we can categorized storage items by using different color of bag.

My child must bring painting pen when he goes out.


Different types of brushes are placed in different colored movable storage bags,

Let children learn to sort and tidy up


Binding ring helps activity bags to be turned over 360 degrees


This is a wide type is single-side transparent design that many Mom will use it as an interactive teaching material. There is sharing videos below.


The wide type is same as narrow type that it has 6 colors available.

My kid’s favorite color is purple, and he insists on putting purple first.


My kid likes to all kinds of card inside this bag


Many phonetic learning card can also be classified and stored by different color of bag


Both narrow and wide types are easy to use


This video was shared by Hong Kong mother and she demonstrated how to use activity storage bag to make teaching materials which is really super awesome. Storage is important while classification of storage is more important. This is the concept I always teach my kid -

You do not only need to collect things, but also collect and store them right!



This activity bag from BAGTORY has many usage that you can use it according to your needs.

I give one set to my mom for storing foreign currency, because my mom has the habit of collecting them


The followings are my sharing photos


Wide type bag – my sharing


Narrow type bag – my sharing



Let me introduce next product of Bagtory. You will know by looking at it

Letter & notice hanging chart

Size: 46W x 66H (cm)


I believe the following the following scenes are so familiar in your life:

Here are a lot of monthly phone bills, credit card bills per month. Either I forget where I had placed them and now I can’t find out, or I remember to pay or settle down after payment deadline, etc.


You will not face the above scenario again after having Letter & notice hanging chart.

Now, all bills, receipts, invoices, etc. can be kept here and I don’t worry our kids accidentally picking up and throwing them away.


I like to use the top row to keep invoices


I keep receipts, etc. in the middle row


The bottom right box keeps bills to be paid in the current month. The left box keeps receipt after payment.


The red hanging chart was the previous one. Now BAGTORY has white and black that I want to buy another white for my new home


Rainbow hanging book bag

The last one that we introduced is highly recommended for kids’ studying elementary school and above. The school works of Taiwanese students are really getting heavier. The students have many school works, notices, books and they must miss it if they don’t classify them properly.

This rainbow hanging book bag is a product specially designed for students. Children can put textbooks, homework, etc. into categories. The transparent pocket design is so clear and easy to see. The capacity is large enough, so it’s not a problem to accommodate all books, homework, notice of the whole semester


There are 2 compartments, 4 compartments, 6 compartments, 8 compartments and 12 compartments to choose from

  2 compartments

Hanging bag size: 62W x 34H(cm)

Grid size: 30W x 30H x 4D(cm)

  4 compartments

Hanging bag size: 62W x 67H(cm)

Grid size: 30W x 30H x 4D(cm)

  6 compartments

Hanging bag size: 62W x 96H(cm)

Grid size: 30W x 30H x 4D(cm)

  8 compartments


Hanging bag size: 62W x 127H(cm)

Grid size: 30W x 30H x 4D(cm)

  12 compartments

Hanging bag size: 62W x 34H(cm)

Grid size: 30W x 30H x 4D(cm)


My kid went to elementary school in September this year, so I chose the 6-comparment handing bags. It has not been used yet.

After my kid actually uses it after school, I will take pictures and share it!!


The handing bag is made of nylon as base with 0.3 mm transparent PVC as pocket window.

Very thick and durable


The above are all new products from BAGTORY.


Copied from [Liang Liang Parenting Life] Blog