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Simple, Basic & Fashionable Storage Bag from Bagtory x Liebe Kids - Steel frame transparent storage box

You said, is it so beautiful? How can there be such a stylish and practical storage box!

Of course it is the exclusive product of our Bagtory x Liebe Kid – two years before, we started and managed the first group buy of Bagtory HK products in Taiwan. After that, more and more people knew Bagtory. Every time group buy was opened, there were good results returned, and after use results from users were even higher.

Liebe Kids, a friend of Liang Liang, became the exclusive agent of Bagtory in Taiwan last year.

Liebe Kids is constantly discussing, developing and designing with Bagtory Hong Kong, and we had designed and produced several products under Bagtory x Liebe Kid. Do you think its great?

Sleeping storage bag  (sharing post::click here)


Toy storage bag (sharing post:click here)


Portable space-saving toy storage bag (sharing post:click here)


Space-saving storage bag (sharing post:click here)


There are many similar storage bags in the market, but good products are not afraid of being compared.

Almost every people who bought Bagtory bags gave it extremely high ratings. The repurchase rate was even higher. It can be said once people use it, she will like it.

My highly recommend product is the steel frame transparent storage box (sharing text:click here),

Although the unit price of the transparent steel frame storage box is high, its durability and practicality is absolutely as good as transparent storage bags.


The steel frame transparent storage box has a group of die-hard fans. Because of this,

Bagtory x Liebe Kid launched 1st group-buy of Steel frame transparent storage box in March this year, we received many order! The stock quantity in Hong Kong is not enough, and some styles would not be available until mid-May. Believe me, after receiving it, you will definitely fall in love with t steel frame transparent storage box


In addition to three colors available, Steel frame transparent storage box also provides 5 sizes for selection - 66L, 55L, 44L, 33L, 22L. The detailed specifications of each size are marked on the photos


5 sizes (66L, 55L, 44L, 33L, 22L)


The colors are the most basic but attractive black, grey, and white. To be honest, I spent much time to select. which color that I want.


Finally, I ordered all these 3 color (photo : from bottom to top, 55L black, 55L white, 44L grey). I haven’t received the 33L size yet and I will share it after I receive it!


Let's take a look of my steel frame transparent storage box after storage! I picked 55L white model because the main color in my room is white


Steel frame is used to support the transparent storage box


Just push these three steel frames to their own positions


Super stylish steel frame transparent storage box. The zipper is easy to pull, and it is double zipper


The upper and lower double opening design makes us easier to access the clothes when stored inside


Here are my winter clothes, actually, my clothes are really not too much!



I recorded my storage process.


This 55L white storage box stored totally of 5 coats + 25 tops


Closet space is immediately emptied


The upper and lower double opening design is really convenient, that I can take any clothes anytime


In addition to storing clothes, it can also store household items. I use the steel frame transparent storage box to store dolls and some bags


It mixes well inside my wardrobe


Let’s take a look of my kids’ wardrobe.

It is necessary to store out-of-season clothes so that they don’t take up as much cabinet space. These are winter clothes of brothers. The advantage of having a son is that there are few clothes, compared to daughter.


I didn’t shoot during storing process because I forgot to shoot at that time.

This 44L size can store totally of 56 children’s winter clothes – close to 60 pieces!


The reason I personally recommend steel transparent storage box is that it has handles on both sides. I can carry it easily when storing this box.


When I designed my house, I reserved much storage space for my kids


The 44L steel frame transparent storage box is just fit to the space inside cabinet


Put nearly 60 pieces of my kid’s clothes inside cabinet and they only take up very little space. Very happy!

Next, my husband’s winter clothes would be sorted out. Here were all my husband's clothes all year round! Not so many.


Even he didn’t has many clothes, they occupied much space because men’s clothes should be larger and thicker than women’s one. At that time, I stored them into steel frame transparent storage box.


I learned to be smart this time that I counted how many pieces of clothes totally


Easily stored 20 pieces of thick, heavy and space-consuming clothes into the bag!


Compared before and after storage, the wardrobe was so spacious now.


Only used these two boxes (44L and 55L) could stored all winter clothes of three men in my family. These two boxes nearly stored 80 pieces of clothes, is it awesome!


Because there is a steel frame inside the bag, it will be more stable when stacking up. The width of 5 different sizes of box is same (50CM), then they are stacked up easily.


If you have not tried steel frame transparent storage box, you need to buy and try. If you have used it, you will understand why I love it so much. Let's make our home storage easier and simpler together!


Copied from [Liang Liang Parenting Life] Blog