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[Storage Proposal] Storage magic weapon that mothers should have

The temperature has obviously dropped a lot this week. The season that my mother is most afraid of is coming. It seems that I must find time to tidy up the closet soon!

Who doesn't want a comfortable home environment? It is really not easy for mothers to do everything in their daily housework and take good care of the whole family! After having children, there are more and more things in the house, but mothers do not only need to wash, cook, and take care of the children. There are small children in the family. It is simply a battlefield. How to properly allocate time to complete all housework and solve the headache of storage problem?

It is definitely a big project to store clothes in seasons. It is very tiring to organize them. But how can we make housework easier? Although there is no effortless storage magic in reality, it seems that mothers have a way to reorganize their homes. These clever storage solutions can easily reach the goal if they master a few principles.


Cleaning and protection

Before the season changes, remember that whether you are going to put away or take out the clothes for wearing, you must wash them all once before putting them away. If they are not cleaned, the clothes will become moldy and discolored for a long time. Therefore, before storing, make sure that the clothes are completely dried before storing. Make sure that the clothes are protected from insects and moisture to keep the clothes dry to avoid mold and spots.


Clothing classification

First of all, we must "throw away old clothes, keep clean and new clothes, and sort them into different categories", and indeed achieve the principle of "removing old things, and put them away". In this way, even the mountains and valleys of out-of-season clothes can be easily stored jobs!

For adults, try to divide sweaters, suits and jackets into three sections, and then divide them according to the order of the current season often worn or not often worn out of season, and then put the more frequently worn clothes in wherever you can get it. Centralized classification management makes it easy and fast to pack clothes naturally!

Make good use of storage space

Sometimes the space, wardrobe and storage space in the home has been fixed, mother has to utilize them all the time, we can use storage boxes, storage bags, etc. Clever use of some storage bags, not only can increase the storage space, but also maintain a comfortable and tidy home environment . At this time, I am envious of the people whose natal family is nearby. If you can't put it at home, you can temporarily keep it in your natal family.

Next is to share with you my storage secrets - [Storage bag storage method]


After living in Hong Kong for so many years, in addition to learning how to divide it into pieces, I also need storage helpers to assist me. The "storage bag storage method" is one of my secrets.


I used to buy storage boxes to store clothes, but in fact, I wasted too much available space to store them. Later, I also bought storage bags of all kinds, but I couldn’t find them no matter how I sorted and stored them.

I also used "garbage bags" for storage, but after a season or even a year, the bags could not be used due to external factors such as moisture, and the waste caused is really a sin.


Until I saw "E-SEE bag" of BAGTORY and tried it, Now my family has all kinds and size of "E-SEE bag". They are easy to fold and put away. Children's toys, travel supplies, other sundries, etc. are all suitable. Now let me write a "user review" and share my experience.


The advantage of "E-SEE bags" is that in addition to protecting the clothes, it also saves space in the closet. The overall look is relatively tidy and clear at a glance, and the clothes will not be messed up temporarily when they are taken out.

 My good helper for clothes storage is the most popular "E-SEE bag" brand from Bagtory. "E-SEE bag", it has a 6-sided transparent design, which is most suitable for putting clothes, children's toys, sundries, etc., at a glance. At present, there are many series (double-pocket, space-saving, lightweight and wide-pocket), with many different sizes, which are convenient for different purposes.

"E-SEE bag" play the most important role when changing seasons. You can put clothes of different thicknesses in the storage bags and put them in the closet neatly, even if they are put in the storage space of the floor bed. Can be easily separated.

The advantages:

Extra-thick environmentally friendly PVC material, thick and durable, dust-proof and dirt-proof, and can be kept clean and hygienic
The classification is more neat and tidy
6 transparent design, clear at a glance
Double zipper opening and closing, so you can easily access from every angle
When folded up, it is not easy to collapse. It can be taken in a narrow space and make good use of every inch of space in the home.

Double zipper opening and closing, so you can easily access from every angle
Special thick 0.3mm environmental protection transparent PVC manufacturing, high quality and durable double zipper
Double zipper opening and closing, so you can easily access from every angle

 ``E-SEE bags'' are introduced separately as follows:

There are three different sizes in total, which are large, medium and small. If you don’t know which one you want to buy, then I suggest you to start with each of large + medium + small.

“E-SEE bag” with double pocket design - I highly recommend storing children’s clothes. The transparent design allows you to see which clothes are in which bag. You don’t need to search for clothes. I really like its double zipper opening and closing.

Products are as follows: (from left to right)

Large model ZP003Mmedium model ZP001XLsmall model ZP001L

(From left to right) Large ZP003M Medium ZP001XL Small ZP001L

The large ZP003M is suitable for storing children's winter clothing

The medium ZP001XL is suitable for storing children's winter trousers

The small ZP001L is suitable for storing children's clothing in spring and summer

Fully transparent design, you can see which clothes are in which bag, no need to look for clothes

I really like its double zipper opening and closing, making it easy to access from every angle

The large ‘double pockets’ bag helped me store at least 18 winter thick clothes

Mid-sized double-pocket style – fit for my children’s winter trousers after pleated. In the picture, I only installed half of the space but could store 8 thick winter pants.

‘ESS-Bag’ double pocket, small size (single pack)

Small-sided double pockets - I used to store children's summer vests, short sleeves, and shorts, totally 25 pieces! (Not full yet!)

▲ ‘Wide-mouthed and enlarged’ style’-‘very suitable for storing thick quilts, I only installed one, basically it is not a problem to put 3 pieces more

Made of extra-thick & transparent PVC with high-quality & durable double zippers, which can stand for long time

[New style – add two handles on both sides] E-SEE bag, wide pocket, large (single pack) ES003L-SH – suitable for sheets and quilt storage (46x36x32cm)


Large wide-pocket style - suitable for storing sheets and quilts, but I used to store mommy and my spring and summer clothes, 40 pieces totally!


[New style – add two handles on both sides] E-SEE bag, wide pocket, small (single pack) ES003S-SH – suitable for travel clothing and supplies storage (36x26x18cm) 


Small wide pocket style - I used to store t winter uniforms my kids often wear now.


Hong Kong brand, Batgory E-SEE story bag, is highly recommended to everyone.

The 6-sided transparent design is most suitable for putting clothes, children's toys, sundries - all at a glance. At present, there are many series (double-pocket, space-saving, lightweight and wide-pocket), with many different sizes, which are convenient for different purposes. It has been sold very well in Taiwan (many mothers have group-purchase again and again.) There is no reason why Hong Kong friends don't know this good thing!

In fact, not only Batgory E-SEE story bag is easy to use, many of their products are very good, such as the "Letter Notice Hanging Chart" which is introduced before to help many busy mothers a big favor!

Letter Notice Hanging Chart (6 compartments) PCA4S-black/beige/red/blue (46x66cm)

Or toy storage bags are very practical.


Source : from [Oscar's Post] blog