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Storage Proposal | teach you: how to efficiently pack things inside luggage bag by BAGTORY E-SEE storage bag

Storage Proposal | teach you: how to efficiently pack things inside luggage bag by BAGTORY E-See storage bag

The Christmas holiday is just over, and soon, the New Year holiday is coming! The most troublesome thing for holiday trip must be packing your luggage - how to keep clothes, personal belongings, cosmetics, etc. neatly in the suitcase?

I claim myself to be an expert in packing luggage. For every trip, I usually pack all my belongings in the suitcase just 3 hours before departure. How do I do that? I teach you!

 1. Write down luggage packing list

Before traveling, please write down a "packing list" and make sure that all important things such as passports, cash and visa have been properly collected, and personal items such as facial cleanser, toothbrush, shampoo, cosmetics, towels, etc. have been brought along. The tableware, medicines, milk powder, and even diapers are also included.


The above is the demonstration for luggage packing.


2. Make good use of storage bags

I usually have good habit of storing neatly. I want to store items in different categories into a suitcase so that I can quickly find out what I need from my luggage. I have used my loyalty brand Bagtory HK many times. The storage bag is made of transparent and environmentally friendly PVC material, which is practical and durable. The stored things are easy to be seen at a glance, and all items are also easily classified.



This new product "E-See Traveler Bag" designed for traveling and packing your luggage while traveling. It has always featured E-See", "Transparent" and "Multicolor". In addition to stored items inside the bag can be seen at a glance, the colorful bag color are more than just visual enjoyment. , It also help to storage categorization. Moms use pink, dads are blue, children use yellow..., such an efficient and effective storage technique, who will miss things?


There are 4 sizes of E-SEE Traveler Bags in total, includes:

Large 39 x 29 x 13cm

Medium 33 x 23 x 10cm

Small 25 x 20 x 10cm

Square 18 x 18 x 7cm


Transparent design, stored clothes and other items are clear at a glance. Special thickness 0.3mm made of transparent environmentally friendly PVC material, practical and durable.


In recent years, I have also responded to environmental protection, so I must use reusable storage bags. Even there are many reusable travel storage bags in the market, they will be broken after used three times. Finally, the E-SEE traveler storage bag is durable and practical that it is really my savior.

It is made of transparent and environment-friendly PVC with a thickness of 0.3mm, which is practical and durable.

Categorizing your clothes, towels, and other items by different sizes of bag. The extra-thick transparent and environmentally friendly PVC material can also protect the stored items inside your bag. The most important point is that you may be requested to open the baggage when you go through customs. The transparent feature of E-See storage bag will be easily checked by custom officer at a glance.


▲ It is portable and easy to hold


Another thoughtful design is that it’s portable and easy to hold. One advantage is that when you arrive at the hotel, bag by bag storage can also avoid unnecessary contact with the desktop and ground in the room. I am away from home and I don't want to take germs back to home! ! ! The above is little sharing of my travel storage tips.



Copied and reprinted from [Oscar's Post] blog