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Hello bagtory guai guai bag (book bag + pencil bag + coin/card bag)

Hello bagtory guai guai bag (book bag + pencil bag + coin/card bag)

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Mom always gives me the best! Children often go out to attend classes or participate in activities. Of course, mothers will choose the best Hello bagtory bags for them, including book bags, three-compartment pencil bags and coin/card bags.

1. The shoulder strap length of the Guaiguai Carrying Book Bag can be adjusted to fit the child's body shape, making it more comfortable to carry.
2. It has good storage space and organizational functions, making it easier for children to access and use items.
3. Designed with durable materials and details to ensure long-term use.
4. Exquisite design and color matching can arouse children's interest and make them more confident among their peers.

Main material: 600DPU, water-repellent
Transparent rubber: 0.3mm PVC
High quality color matching slider
Smooth and color matching zipper
Thickened nylon binding

Book bag size: L37 x W11.5 x H29 cm
1. Zipper main compartment, can hold F4 documents or books
2. Front side is made with 0.3mm think & large transparent PVC zipper pocket, clear at a glance
3. The shoulder strap can be shortened or extended
4. There is a spring rope hook inside, which can be hooked into the key or coin/card bag (purchased separately)
5. D buckle can be used for hanging pendants
6. Elastic mesh bags on both sides, can hold water bottles and umbrellas
7. Zippered hanging bag, can hold stationery
8. The flip-top bag can hold a mobile phone
9. Transparent name tag pocket, you can write your name and class
10. The inner compartment has fabric lining which increases the durability of the bag

Three-compartment pencil case
Size: L20.5 x W8 x H10 cm
1. The main compartment has a zippered middle grid pocket and a mesh bag, which can be used to store stationery in categories
2. Equipped with transparent zipper front pocket
3. Large capacity, collect all necessary stationery together
4. The inner compartment has fabric lining which increases the durability of the bag
5. The zipper tail is closed with buttons, neat and beautiful

Coin/card bag
Dimensions: L12 x W8 cm
1. Zipper bag
2. The front panel is transparent
3. Can be buckled on the spring rop of book bag

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