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BAGTORY E-See Large Storage Bag – can store summer quilt, winter quilt


The well-known "BAGTORY E-See Storage Bag" is here again! Many users like this bag very much after trial!


This time I want to introduce you the storage bag that it is super suitable for storing quilts, of course you can use it to store other things too! If you haven’t read my previous sharing article, please be sure to read:

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First of all, I highly recommend this big storage bag because it can be used for storing quilt!

How to store quilt? Let's take a look!



Because large storage bag will be heavier after it is filled with items, it should have handles so that it is easy to be carried



Size 56L x 45W x 32H (cm)

Look, there is much space left after my kid sits inside the bag



The bag can be fit with a one and a half year old baby



These two winter quilts are heavy and big, and I placed them inside cabinet after winter. Whenever winter comes, I will take them out and let them expose under sunlight for at least three days before I dared to use it.



Originally I guess this big storage bag could store two winter quilts only. Unexpectedly three pieces, I can put three winter quilts inside.



Look at it, look at it! Is it so surprise!



No matter what angle you look at, I think it is really amazing! Moreover, it does not cause me too much effort. It’s so simple and easy to store in.



Look carefully, there is still empty space after three winter quilts are stored.



It has handles that I can carry it easily. It may be harder to hold if there is no handle.



Now, I want to store winter quilts and summer quilts that are not currently in use. How many can store totally?



Totally 8 piecs.

1, 2 are thick quilts, 3, 4, and 5 are cool quilts, 6, 7, and 8 are sheets



All can be easily stored inside bag!



Put them in the big storage bag and then put inside in the closet. It not only becomes tidy, but also it avoids those quilts to have terrible musty smell. Moreover, it is water-proof and dust-proof



Continue to look at our terrible wardrobe. I believe that many people's wardrobes are almost same as me.



Wow! So full



Those quilts are main focus. Piles of quilts, sheets, sheets, etc., are so messy. Moreover, there is still a strong musty smell, because the weather in Taiwan is so humid. Once I take out quilts from wardrobe, our kids must not like them because of having bad smell.



The savior appears! Let try this big storage bag. How many pieces of quilts can be stored?

1, 2, 3… I store 6 pieces of summer quilts



Before storing, these 6 summer quilts is obviously more than half of the bag!



Don't be nervous, as long as you press them down a little bit, you can easily put all the quilts in.



Later, I feel that there is empty room for storage. So I put two more sheets. Finally, this big storage bag contains 8 quilts & sheets



You can put all the quilts into the storage bag, and you won’t feel that the storage bag will explode at all.

This is the magical place of Bagtory Big Storage Bag!



I show you all angles. Since it is a fully transparent bag, you can easily see all contents inside the storage bag from any angle/side of the bag. Even it only has one opening at the top, it is not so difficult to put in or out quilts from the bag



Put it back to the closet and you can see it is so tidy compared than before.



Moreover, it is waterproof, dust-proof, anti-fouling, and anti-mildew. Moreover, it decreases the chance to have musty smell after storing in wooden wardrobe after a long time.



There is a big different inside cabinet before and after using Big Storage Bag. Because I only have one storage bag, I can’t organize all my quilts in the closet. I think I only need one more bag can solve and manage quilt’s storage problem inside the cabinet. Someone asked should we use vacuum storage bag instead? To me, I don’t use because I am lazy to do one more procedure.




In addition, I think big storage bag is good to store thick cotton/down jackets. Those are my winter clothes - 10 pieces of cotton/down thick coats, 15 pieces of winter long tops/trousers, and the bag is not yet full.13116442_590153091139377_7603647858034967281_o (1)

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