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Hello TOTmy style translucent hand bag (TT35C)

Hello TOTmy style translucent hand bag (TT35C)

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Girls like to use small handbags, but they carry too many items with them, so if they want to put one or two more items, they have to be careful. Hello TOTmy tea black style hand bag can meet your needs! In addition to personal belongings, it can also hold documents and computers. Office workers don’t need to carry an extra computer bag if they want to go out for meetings! It is very convenient to travel abroad, and water bottle, selfie tool, and umbrella will not feel bulky and cumbersome. It is invincible when used together with the Hello baggy bag-in-bag. Small items are fixed in a grid, so you don’t have to dig around to find items.

Dimensions: 33/46L x 13W x 35H (cm)


0.5mm thick colored translucent PVC, waterproof and dustproof, dirt-resistant and easy to clean
High quality nylon zipper, smooth and durable
Unique and considerate double shoulder straps and comfortable double-handle design
The front pocket can hold bus cards, tickets and other business cards
The bag is equipped with a rubber strap and a transparent water bottle bag, both of which can hold personal belongings upright without falling down.
Internal zippered sling pocket holds wallet, passport, mobile phone, etc.
The zipper buckle at the pocket is convenient for opening and closing the zipper and can also be used to hang charms.
Used with the Hello baggy bag-in-bag storage bag, items can be seen at a glance and easily accessible.

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