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HD Document Book Bag | Velcro Book Bag | A4 F4 A3 (BK)

HD Document Book Bag | Velcro Book Bag | A4 F4 A3 (BK)

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This amazing and easy-to-use book bag has velcro latches and is available in A4, F4 and A3 sizes. It is made of 0.3mm environmentally friendly transparent PVC material, with nylon edges and side panels. It can be folded up when not in use, making it convenient and practical. In addition, children's books, worksheets, materials, or bills, contracts, company materials, etc. for each semester can be clearly classified. At the same time, there are two labeled grids to indicate the contents of the items. It can be stacked horizontally or placed vertically on a bookcase, suitable for use at home or in the office.

A4: L31 x W22 x H8 cm
F4: L34 x W24 x H8 cm
A3: L45 x W31 x H8 cm

  • The bottom surface is made of 0.3mm transparent PVC
  • Premium nylon side panels
  • High quality nylon binding
  • Lining inside
  • Velcro latch
  • Two standard fiber grids

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