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The purple bags from BAGTORY are coming!!! Lavender purple color is too relaxing.

My kid yoyo’s favorite color is purple, although I don’t particularly like it,

But purple has a healing sensation, just like lavender can relieve stress.


The basic color of BAGTORY bag is golden yellow, and many people hope to BAGTORY to launch some other colors.

Last year, the agent Liebe Kids with BAGTORY HK launched new models - portable bag set for toy, sleeping bag in three new colors (blue, pink, yellow).

After launching, it caused a panic buying trend.


This year, the agent Liebe Kids with BAGTORY HK once again launched several new products and new colors.

Among them, the color that responds very well is purple.


Let’s take a look at the purple sleeping bag first.

There was a sharing article for sleeping bag before, so I won’t repeat it for the detailed introduction!!!

Liebe Kids X Bagtory HK launches bigger size sleeping bag!


The comparison of normal size and bigger size sleeping bags.


Many mothers buy regular size sleeping storage bags for their children to store kindergarten nap sleeping bags.


The normal size sleeping storage bag can store two thin quilts and a pillow.

If you worry it can’t store them all, then you should consider to buy a bigger one!!!


By carrying handles, even kids can manage bigger size sleeping storage bag without any difficulty.


Many families like to use sleeping storage bags for camping, picnics or swimming because of the waterproof design.


Next, this is a wide-opening storage bag, which is also a quilt storage bag. (There is also a detailed sharing article before)

Almost one of five people will buy this Quilt storage bags because it can store a pile of quilts at home, and also adults' winter coats.


No matter how heavy or large of the quilt and clothes, they can be easily put inside of the bag because of its wide opening design.


I had put 3 pieces of quilt inside purple color wide-opening storage bag and there was much space not occupied.

Based on my experience and observation, this wide-opening storage bag can store totally 5-6 pieces of quilt without any problem.


Those were winter clothes. This wide-opening storage bag could store totally 10 pieces of thick cotton/down jackets, 15 pieces of winter long jackets/trousers, and there was empty room for storage.

Therefore this wide-opening storage bag is perfect for storing quilt and also thick cotton/down jackets!!!


These three models of bag were placed together for size comparison.


The last one is Portable Toy Bag - this time launched bright color combination: green + orange + purple




I liked those colors very much, and so I ordered those bags. Once I received them, I liked them very much.


Recently I helped my kid, Yoyo, to find a lunch bag.

However, most of the styles on the market were very fancy, or printed with cartoon patterns.

I just received a portable toy bag with yoyo’s favorite purple.

So I used that purple portable toy bag as his school lunch bag


Transparent design, you could see inside contents at a glance, didn’t be afraid to take things wrong


Like tailor-made, the size just fit to put in lunch box and tableware (fork, spoon, etc).


It is no problem to put it inside the school bag.


Top-Handle design : children can pick it ip easily from the bag


The nylon part is durable 600D Oxford cloth, so it is very resistant to get dirty.

The transparent part is made of PVC sheet, which can be washed and dried easily.


Let’s bring those purple bags back to home.


Copied from [Liang Liang Parenting Life] Blog