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How to store textbooks at the end of the semester? They can be packed by BAGTORY A4 Size Document Bag.

I personally recommend recently launched "A4, A5 Document Book Bag"

Those families have children should have it!!!!

My kid, Yoyo, will start studying kindergarten next semester,

At the end of each semester, the school will return all works, textbooks, back to students etc.

I like to keep them and then I have a lot of kindergarten textbooks.

I started looking for something suitable for storing those textbooks but I hadn’t found the suitable one.

Therefore, I stored them by a storage box tentatively but it was so messy.


Finally BAGTORY gives me this hope because this document book bag is so awesome!!!

Now, all the textbooks can be stored clearly and orderly by them.


A4, A5 Document Book Bag

Stored by subject, class, etc and it can be neatly organized.

Nylon z-fold, saving space and not taking up space.

0.3mm environmentally friendly transparent PVC material, nylon binding.

A4 size: 31L x 22W x 8H z-fold (cm) (2pcs)

A5 size: 23L x 16W x 6H z-fold (cm) (pack of 3)


The document book bag is available in A4 and A5 sizes, and I personally prefer A4 size!!!

Because many textbooks are in A4 size, the bag size is just fit.

The colors are red, black, beige, and blue. I choose beige because it looks nature and simple.


I just order a set (2 pieces) of A4 document book bags

Look! There are so many textbooks in just two semesters!!!


My kid, Yoyo, just finished kindergarten, so I asked him to bring out all of those textbooks.


The size of the A4 document book bag is 31L x 22W x 8H (cm) and it can load a lot of textbooks.


A4 size is the most suitable one and I recommend mothers to choose A4 size document book bag.


The file bag has a top handle but I don't think it should be used for hanging. The original intention of this handle is just for us to carry it for a short time, not for handing.


Okay, I have collected all the textbooks of his first and last semesters. Look!!! It is not full yet and it still have much space left.


Since it is called as document book bag, its design allows us to clearly see or know what kind of document are stored inside the bag.


My handwriting is not so good, so I type and print it out and insert it to the bag


Like this, it is very clear what kind of document or book is inside of each bag.


And the document bag can also be placed upright like this.


We can put textbook, homework and test paper in the same bag and then place onto the table.


Or put it to the shelf under the desk if it is not used frequently.


Of course, if you have a deep drawer cabinet in your home, it’s best to place it directly like this.

When you open the drawer, you can find your wanted book bag easily.


It’s a pity that my drawers at home are not deep enough, so I put them inside storage box.


Let's take a look of ‘Before and After Photos’. It is so messy when you see ‘Before Photo’ and it becomes so tidy from ‘After Photo’ after Bagtory document bags are used.


I really like this A4 size document bag and I want to say thanks to BAGTORY.


Copied from [Liang Liang Parenting Life] Blog