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BAGTORY HK x LIEBE KIDSX co-branded exclusively sold in Taiwan - Portable Toy Storage Bag, easy to carry and practical when going out

Bagtory clothing storage bag is the best selling product in Taiwan, and the following one, the second best one, is definitely Toy Storage Bag. Although I am not a clean freak and I am really lazy to do housework, I insist on storing my children's toys well because their toys are really getting more and more.

Whenever they want to go out or go to bed at night, I must ask them to place them back to original toy areas/box. Since we have many toys, I definitely buy more than 10 Toy Storage Bags.


I just mentioned that Toy Storage Bag was the most favorite bag of many moms and dads, and many moms wished us to design and launch Portable Toy Storage Bag. In fact, I also need it too. My kids love to bring toys when going out. They use to put toys in a small handbag (like the one in the photo) before going out. However, this kind of handbag has no zipper, and toys are often fall on the floor accidentally.


This time, Bagtory x Liebe Kids launch Portable Toy Storage Bag which meets our needs. And there is a new color "Sun Yellow" too!


Portable and Slim Toy Bag (Mixed Color)

Size: L23xW10xH18(cm)

Quantity: a set of three bags (one color each bag)

Color: baby blue, sun yellow, macaroon pink


The size of L23xW10xH18 cm is just right, not too big or too small


In addition to super strong storage feature, the zipper is also very smooth and easy to pull, which is also very important to our users


The top handle has reinforced in stitching, which is very firm. This portable toy storage bag is absolutely durable!


There are three colors in one set, which can be used by both boys and girls. Yellow is a neutral color, and almost all boys and girls like it. For example, my son has said that he should not use pink bag but he will not reject yellow bag.


Of course, I feel that the colors are unrelated to men and women, it depends on children's likeness


Walk around! Go somewhere else to play together


Children are sharing toys and playing together once they meet . Isn’t it great?




Once they go out, they habitually carry a full bag of toys


Children must develop a habit from an early age they need to carry their own toys and be responsible for themselves anytime.


The portable toy storage bag is really too ~~~~ too useful and helpful. After getting this new product in mid-May, as long as my kids go out, they will use it to carry their toys


The transparent design of Bagtory Toy Bag allows toys to be seen from outside, it is so convenient.


Is the ‘sun yellow color of binding’ of Bagtory Toy Bag brighter under the sunlight?


The size of the Portable Toy Storage Bag can also hold several story books


The opening of toy bag is at the top, and the opening is large that the kid is easy to take out of books from the bag


It just so coincident that my kid is wearing yellow, which match the binding color of the portable toy storage bag! My kid keeps pointing to the toy bag and then comparing his own clothes and says that these two are in the same color, so cute.


This photo of his facial expression is so cute


I also like yellow ~ the color matches our home well


At present, my two kids have been very fond of this color of bag recently and they will take turns to carry this color of bag.


The portable toy storage bag is very popular in Taiwan market now. And it's also a joint model of Bagtory and Liebe Kids, exclusively sold in Taiwan!


Copied from [Liang Liang Parenting Life] Blog