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BAGTORY HK x LIEBE KIDS co-branded exclusive sale at Taiwan. We have made the sleeping bag bigger!

Have you found out? Yes, there is a new color of Sleeping Bag. It is yellow that can attract wealth!

BAGTORY HK x LIEBE KIDS co-brand bag was firstly launched in March, and the response was overwhelming.

Sharing articleLiebe KidsX Bagtory hk co-branded Taiwan exclusive sale‧Super pink macaron color sleeping bag & lightweight toy (small objects) bag

Especially the sleeping bag is the most attractive product that almost one in every three people has ordered.

Within these two months, many people said that they hoped the sleeping bag could be made larger. We have heard your voice, so we made the sleeping bag bigger.

And there is a new color launched too


Dimension drawing of these two models


Space-saving portable universal bag (special carrying bag for children's sleeping bag) CH006

Dimensions: L41.5 x W21.5 x H26 (cm).

Quantity: 1 piece.

Color: baby blue, macaroon pink, sun yellow.


This is the size of a normal sleeping bag. In fact, it’s very useful to hold a sleeping bag.


The yellow color looks very nice, it likes the sun’s color. All Bagtory bags are very durable, so don’t worry any problem of their binding and handles.


There is a name tag position available in this sleeping bag.


The zipper does not get stuck


Space-saving portable universal bag (special carrying bag for children's sleeping bag) CH006L

Dimensions: L56 x W21.5 x H40 (cm).

Quantity: 1 piece.

Color: baby blue, macaroon pink, sun yellow.


This time, the newly launched sleeping bag has increased in size, better stored many items. I personally like to use it to store children’s dolls.

Dolls are really difficult to store, so it’s most suitable to store them in Bagtory E-SEE Storage Bags. Because it has a zipper, there is no need to worry about getting dust easily!


Large opening is easy for storage and access


If your child’s school sleeping blanket is a bit larger, you can bring this bigger size sleeping bag


For bigger size sleeping bag, I can store an adult quilt, my son’s pillow, 2 dolls, and there is much empty space left.


I really think the sun yellow color this time is super attractive!

The more I look, the more I like.

If you don’t like blue or pink color, you can pick this neutral color sun yellow which will be suitable for boys and girls.


I put these two sizes of the sleeping bag together to see the size difference clearly.


In addition to kids’ kindergarten schools, it’s also very useful for traveling or camping.

When camping, I used it as quilt storage bag. It is convenient and we are not afraid of getting dirty. The best point is that you can really store a lot of quilts and save much space.


From this photo, you can see that this storage bag stored a set of lightweight sleeping bags and two thin quilts, which were not full yet!


In conclusion, these two bags are very good for storage. Which one that we use? It depends on individual’s personal needs!


Copied from [Liang Liang Parenting Life] Blog