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[Good things sharing] BAGTORY E-See storage bags effectively organize toys and seasonal clothes at home

Shared by Wagyu B’s growth diary

My husband and I have certain requirements for the environment of our new house recently.

We hope that there will be no more garbage mountains inside the house. In the past, we always put things everywhere because it is convenient to us.


Whenever you invite friends to your house, the messy environment will make friends feel odd. Moreover, you will find things difficult in this house.


Besides I need to change my living habits, I also need to equip with useful storage bag or box to help me solving the problem of garbage mountains.


The most terrible area in my house is my kid’s toy room because he has too many toys. Even every time he put those toys back to original position after playing, the room is still messy.

After we use BAGTORYES002 Combobag series - there are 4 sizes in a set, it makes them very organized and neatly. The main feature of these bags is transparency design; you can clearly see what kind of items are inside those bags.

The smallest bag is around A5 size, which just stores all colored gemstones, and the other one can store all Thomas & Friends trains.

ES002 Combo4 pieces per set and they are in difference size.
My kid has so many toy cars, Peppa Pig’s figures, and building blocks, etc. If we store them by ES002 Combo bags, then they are organized stored. If my kid wants to play toy cars, he just carry the toy-cars bag and it is done.
TH008S 3 pieces per set, there are in same size.
TH008S & ES002 ComboAfter storing those toys and put them back to cabinet, it is tidy and those toys can be easily searched next time.

Except my kid has a lot of small toys, he also has many toys in bigger size and they are placed and store messily inside his toy room. Also, they get dusty easily.

So I useZP001Lbags to store those medium and large toys.
He also has a lot of cooking toys and before I used a box to store them, but the box was not big and also this box was easy to rot. Therefore, we useES003S-SHbag to store all cooking toys which is convenient to carry and easy to see.
After using those bags, all toys are well organized and they are store neatly.

Our family has many clothes and the photo below are clothes belonged to my kid only.

When season is changed, I must have headache. In the past, I put all season-changed clothes into several big red-white-blue bags. In the next season, I need to take off all clothes out from those bags because they are not transparent. Finally, I need to use much time for putting those clothes inside wardrobes.

ZP003M & ZP001XL
After using BAGTORY bags to store those clothes, now I can clearly see every shirt in each bag from outside, so that I can easily manage them in next season.

BAGTORY storage is not only a good helper inside my house, but it is also as a good storage bag for my outings.


My kid is still young that I need to bring diapers, wet tissues, Cream, and disinfectant hand rub when we go out. Now I use BAGTORY bag to store them, and it is very convenient to me. When I want to change the diaper for my kid, my husband can easily find it from nappy bag.

ES002 Combo 4 pieces per set and they are in different size
There is my kid’s game bag that he can relieve his boredom when he waits for food in the restaurant.
ES002 Combo4 pieces per set, they are in different size.

No matter what kind of items are put inside BAGTORY storage bag, it's really clear at a glance.

The material of bag is also good that you don’t need to worry that PVC will become hard and rotten after one year, and the key point is odorless smell.