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Children's seasonal clothes storage and organization

Organizing clothes can be regarded as a big project. Because the growth is very fast from birth to childhood, the newly bought clothes may only be worn for one season, and the next season is no longer suitable. Sometimes I bought a lot of new clothes, but because I don’t know where to put them. They are too small to be worn when I find them.

The advantage of BAGTORY E-See storage bag is clear at a glance. You don't need to open it and you can see what clothes are inside, which saves a lot of time to find things. Old clothes from friends, for friends, for younger brothers and sisters, winter, summer, tops, trousers, school uniforms, uniforms, etc., can also be collected in different categories, which is very convenient when you find them.

When the wardrobe is full, you must first be calm. First, learn the storage skills from Taiwan Storage teacher, and you will be able to organize your clothes easily.


Video source: Storage expert


To store clothes, we recommend the double-opening style, which has two sides opening, so you can put and take clothes in all directions.


Double opening large (ZP003M)

It is easy to store large and thick clothes

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Double opening medium (ZP001XL)

If there is not much space in the closet, and there are a lot of clothes to be stored, then this style is the most suitable one.

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Double opening small (ZP001L)

Don't underestimate that it's small and narrow and not very useful. In fact it's easy to put clothes such as vests, underwear, neckbands, etc. Even there is no enough place in the wardrobe, as long as it is a few inches wide, it can be placed inside the wardrobe.