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ME Reusable Cloth Mask | ME Mask

ME Reusable Cloth Mask | ME Mask

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S: 17cm x 12cm
M: 19cm x 13cm
L: 20cm x 14cm

Breathable, comfortable, sweat-absorbent
Custom fit to face
Various colors
Available in 3 sizes: children, middle-aged and adults
The ear straps can be adjusted for tightness

Each ME Mask reusable cloth mask
is equipped with a disposable PM2.5 five-layer structure filter element, which can effectively block fine suspended particles in the air with a diameter of 2.5 microns or more, targeting air pollution, dust particles and sandstorms, protection etc.

**Filter element can be purchased separately**

Cloth masks must be washed once a day after use. Wash the mask by hand alone with soap and cold water. When cleaning the mask, the filter element must be removed.
The filter element cannot be cleaned and it is recommended to replace it every day

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