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My learning helper - learning-card pocket chart / homework document bag

I know that it’s the exam season recently. Many children and their parents have headaches to deal with school’s exams. When many parents are busy reviewing for their children, or spend a lot of time "rote memorizing" the contents of books.

In fact, if children have effective learning methods, not only can they easily memorize what they have learned, but also they will be more effective for learning.

One of my learning helpers is "Character Card Pocket Chart" from BAGTORY.


Character Card Pocket Chart Series (PC)

There are various lengths, verticals, and grids for your selection.



Large character card pocket chart (5 rows) PC116S-5 rows (red/yellow/blue/green) (43X65CM)

I believe that many parents are same as me. They have all kinds of word cards, learning cards, flash cards, etc but different topics will have different textbooks. Once there are many topics and it is difficult for us store them in an organized way. By using pocket chart, it likes a learning space at school which makes learning more enjoyable.


This is a character card pocket chart with a larger line spacing. It is made of transparent PVC with nylon base material. As long as it is hung in a corner of the house, children can learn independently.



Making Sentence small character pocket chart (8 lines) PC54S - Red/Yellow/Green (55X47CM)


This is a character card pocket chart with small line spacing, suitable for small character cards. If a child wants to learn sentences, parents can print character cards to allow children to make sentences freely.




Does your child always forget something? It is really a disaster for elementary school students to organize their schoolbags. In fact, as long as there is a systematic storage and sorting method, those kids will have a good habit to organize their school bags.


My schoolbag organizing technique - the more complex things are, the more simplification it is.

How to make children organize them in a simpler way? BAGTORY document bag is shared with you because there are various sizes, such as A3, A4, A5. It is great to store school textbooks, picture books, and complete sets of books.


[A5] BAGTORY Document Bag (3 packs per set) BKA56 / BKA58 - Black/Beige/Red/Blue (23X16X6/8CMH)

Size: 23L x 16W x 6/8H Z-Fold (cm)


Because my 3-year-old kid doesn't have many textbooks, I currently use it to store all kinds of books, which are really invincible and easy to use. Even if my kid has many books with bags, its transparent design is clear at a glance and will not make my kid confused.


It has a super intimate design - there is more than one place for placing name tag. The name tag place is at front and side panels. Whether you place it horizontally or vertically, it can help you see name tag at a glance. In this way, it is easily divided into categories and stored.



BAGTORY Document Bag A4 / 8CM Z-Fold (2 pcs) BKA48-Black/Beige/Red/Blue (31X22X8CM)






This is the most needed size. The A4 design with Z-Fold helps you to store work papers and books

  ▲It has a super intimate design - there is more than one place for placing name tag. The name tag place is at front and side panels. Whether you place it horizontally or vertically, it can help you see name tag at a glance. In this way, it is easily divided into categories and stored.




Zipper homework bag (A4 flat pocket opening) / 5cm H z-fold (2 packs per set) BKA45Z-black/beige/red/blue (33.5x25x5cm)


This zipper-style homework bag is designed with a flat opening withz-fold, which allows you to store home work according to the number of subjects.




I especially like it has two zippers, and also the body is transparent. I used it to store story books, especially borrowed from the library, and put down a small note of return deadline to remind myself.



Zipper homework bag (A4 wide pocket / 8CM H z-fold (2 packs per set) BKA48Z-black/beige/red/blue (34X25X8CM)

The wide opening design with z-fold, and the front is also equipped with a zipper compartment, which is convenient to use when there are a lot of books.



Letter / Notice Pocket Chart (6 Grids) PCA4S - Black/Beige/Red/Blue (46x66cm)

There are too many important things to write down such as school’s announcements, reply slips and various timetables, etc. If you have a magic weapon, no need to worry at all. The weapon is "Letter / Notice Pocket Chart". You can easily display all kinds of letters, notices, and cards. No matter your parents or you are difficult to forget to sign the receipt or not to bring your student ID, etc.


BAGTORY Homework Pocket Chart HW110-Pink/Blue (66x110cm)


Left : BAGTORY Homework Pocket Chart HW110

BAGTORY Homework Pocket Chart has recently joined our family. It is more practical and effective than BAGTORY Letter and Notice Pocket Chart because it can remind us school's periodic homework, class schedule, homework, etc


I really love the double-sided calendar board which is placed in the middle of pocket chart. It also has 3 marker pens. The family members can list the important notes in the calendar. Above calendar, you can put school timetable for reminding your kid himself.

Those function bags below is not sloppy either! There are long and short ones. The best design is two and big transparent pockets at the bottom, which are two layers that we can classify our kids’ textbooks, homework, and work papers by these two pockets


The name tag pocket - parents or kid can write remark of this pocket

Parents can ask their children to place finished homework in the pocket and parents will know that they will check their homework at night.

At the same time, children can also be trained to have good habits for organizing their school works.


BAGTORY book pocket chart (2 Grids) BCR02 - (62x34cm)


It is also a wall-hung design, which can be hung behind the door and saving space.

BAGTORY book pocket charts are available in 2 grids, 4 grids, 6 grids, 8 grids and 12 grids. I am a beginner in kindergarten, so I will try two grids pocket chart.



Parents can use it to classify school and off-campus homework, which are completed, which are not completed, and even the subject homework from Monday to Friday.


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