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[Sharing] Good helper for storage and learning


There are more and more books and toys in home, and my kid must find his things in every corner! Furthermore, after pre-school graduated, the textbooks and drawings must be neatly organized before the start of the new school year! I really can’t be lazy anymore. I need to organize the sorting and storage!


In fact, in the past, mothers would use zipper bags to classify and store small toys, small building blocks, and word cards. After few uses, they quickly wore out! Until I met BAGTORY HK storage bag - Transparent design, clear at a glance, very practical! The material is firm, without any gluey smell!







Bagtory Document Book Bag (Velcro Pocket)

  • Store and organize small toys and books beatly
  • Nylon z-fold to save space
  • Can be placed vertically, horizontally, and stacked
  • With wo transparent label pockets



As said before, my kid will have new school year and challenges!

Therefore, I need to prepare pocket chart so that he can start to learn matching, recognizing, making sentences and other small game at home.




Big character card pocket chart

  • High line spacing, can put up to 11cm character card
  • There is no seam line in the middle, and the length of the word card isn’t restricted by the seam line
  • Can be used for matching, making sentences and word games






Small grid pocket chart

  • The word cards can be displaced neatly
  • Can be used as a monthly calendar, simple English word games or counting games





Flexible and teaching materials can be changed at any time


Copied from [Zheng Xiaob’s Growth] Blog