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Hello Boxy lunch bag/small storage bag | Handbag (special lace edition)

Hello Boxy lunch bag/small storage bag | Handbag (special lace edition)

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Bagtory has finally launched the special edition lace model of Hello boxy that is exclusive to mothers. Carrying a beautiful lunch bag to work makes you feel particularly beautiful. It is also very useful as a small bag for work. When you go out for lunch in the afternoon, you can just put the necessary supplies without having to carry a big and heavy handbag. The star style and horizontal stripe style are even more popular among children. The small carrying handle is convenient and easy to carry, and can be used to place favorite toys or items, making children love it.

Dimensions: 27L x 13W x 19H (cm)
Capacity: 7L
Packaging: 1 pack

  • Lace style: The front and both sides (left and right) are made of lace fabric, with EVA rubber backing to enhance durability.
  • Star style and horizontal stripe style : The front and both (left and right) sides are made of EVA material with patterned floral fabric sandwiched in the middle, which will not fade.
  • The bag top, bag bottom and back panel are 0.3mm transparent PVC
  • Upgraded zippers and sliders
  • The small front pocket can hold small items such as tickets, membership cards, keys, tissues, etc.
  • The nameplate compartment at the back can be used to write the name and class of the kindergarten child.
  • High-grade webbing handle, smooth and easy to carry
  • The front D buckle can be used to fasten your favorite charms


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