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Bagtory HK 百寶袋王
收衣服。收玩具。收雜物。怎麼樣都好收的百寶袋王高清儲物袋 ! 讓衣櫃收納櫃變整齊,善用零碎小空間,收納空間多更多!

Collect clothes. Collect toys. Collect clutter. BAGTORY high-definition storage bag is easy to store in any way! Make the wardrobe storage cabinet tidy, make good use of fragmented small spaces, and have more storage space!

Collect clothes. Collect toys. Collect clutter. BAGTORY high-definition storage bag is easy to store in any way! Make the wardrobe storage cabinet tidy, make good use of fragmented small spaces, and have more storage space!




    Storage supplies are what J mother has been using most frequently since she became a mother.

    Actually nothing else

    It's just…..

    I often buy storage items!!!!! Phew!!

    After becoming a mother, I really just regret that my family is not big enough.

    Not enough storage space

    You can never run out of baby supplies

    I had no choice but to buy more... (Everyone is the same, hahahahaha)

    Bought for a long time

    For good stuff. Difficult to use goods

    Buy one and know a little bit about it

    I just want to take it out and share it with everyone!!! (make fist)


    BAGTORY is a high-definition storage bag that I started using last year

    Whether it is for toy storage

    Or annoying clothing storage

    All have powerful functions

    Mommies who need to store good things should read this article carefully!


    What is the difference between BAGTORY and the storage boxes introduced in the past!?

    J’s mother is the number one fan of storage boxes

    But why did I start buying a bunch of BAGTORY bag one after another!?

    Come, come, come

    Let me explain!


    Purpose of storage box >>

    Can create additional storage areas in your home

    Plus cute appearance

    Just put a few of them to create a super-quality storage space!


    Functions of BAGTORY >>

    Organize and store existing storage spaces in your home such as wardrobes and toy cabinets !

    Make the drawers and cabinets that were originally super messy

    Easily restore tidiness

    Arrange toys, clothing, etc. into categories

    Existing spaces such as wardrobes and lockers will be fully utilized

    Nothing is wasted

    After finishing using BAGTORY

    You will definitely find it by accident

    I wonder!!! It turns out we still have so much usable storage space in our home!!!

    The home space becomes visually more fresh and European!

    It’s great to see the cabinets neatly opened and clean!

    And there's more

    BAGTORY comes in various sizes, ranging from large to small.

    Unlike ordinary storage boxes, which only have square and rectangular shapes.

    BAGTORY has a flat and long size

    There are slim and tall sizes

    Can be perfectly placed in various small spaces in the home

    You don’t need a lot of space to accommodate BAGTORY

    Even the small gap under the bed

    You can also put it in BAGTORY as an extra storage space!!




    Use extra thick 0.3mm environmentally friendly transparent PVC material

    Very different from ordinary soft storage bags

    Dustproof and durable


    Use thickened nylon binding

    Make the bag stronger and less likely to break


    Super easy to pull textured double zipper

    The most important thing is that the zipper does not get stuck ~ 100

    BAGTORY is so reassuring!!

    Compared with storage bags used in the past

    One is heaven~

    One is land~~





    Lightweight HD Storage Bag – Mixed Set

    Contains XL. L. M. S four storage bags

    This set is suitable for storing personal belongings or paintbrushes, etc.

    It is a small item storage item!


    Large opening

    Easy to pack and carry!


    I really like using this set to hold paintbrushes~

    Good size!

    A bag of fat pens

    A bag of commonly used crayons

    A bag of colored pens

    Only after using the transparent design of BAGTORY can you feel its thoughtfulness~

    No more digging through boxes after boxes just to find the right item

    You can immediately see what's inside the bag at a glance.

    Be willing to do so!


    Put it in the drawer

    Just grab a pack when you want to draw!

    Take a bag with you and a small album when you go out

    It’s just a comforting combination for going out~

    You can also install some small Lego, small building blocks and other scattered toys.


    I will put the commonly used medicines at home into a bag

    I usually keep it in the medicine cabinet.


    I have to go back to my parents’ house or stay in a hotel.

    You can throw the entire bag of regular medicines directly into your bag and take it with you!



    Easy-to-carry high-definition storage bag-small style

    Compared with BAGTORY just introduced

    This one has extra handles

    And there’s more space!



    One set has three colors~

    It’s very useful as a kid’s outing bag!!



    Take Evan out to a restaurant for dinner

    Sometimes I am too lazy to prepare his small bag

    I will just grab this small BAGTORY with handles

    Pack all the little toys that Evan uses to kill time when he goes out!


    Looks small

    But it can actually hold a lot of toys


    Having a carrying handle is a convenience!

    I highly recommend this~


    It’s okay to put some drinks and toys~




    Put the painting set in and just carry it away!


    This set is quite practical in style and size

    It is the most popular among smal BAGTORY bags!!!

    The agent secretly told me

    Recommended and must buy~~~~~~~~


    Square HD Storage Bag – Mixed Style

    They are L respectively. M. S Three sizes!


    M and S sizes are must-haves for our home improvement toys!

    Like this big Lego and magnetic building blocks and so on

    After unpacking, there is no way to store it unless you find a bag~

    The treasure bag comes in handy immediately!



    The transparent treasure bag is really easy to find toys hahaha

    Once you use it, you will fall deeply in love with it.



    Flip-up large opening

    Pull the zipper up to keep out dust

    Don’t worry about these little toys getting dirty and dusty!

    Super good storage~


    I use the large size to put a lot of paint~

    The quilts used to place children are also very beautiful!

    If you have a lot of Lego at home

    Large size can also be held in Europe!!



    BAGTORY uses extra thick transparent environmentally friendly PVC material

    It’s different from ordinary soft bags!

    After putting the toys in the bag

    The bag is not crooked

    Instead, stand up straight

    Just like blocks one by one~

    Put it in the cabinet to make full use of space

    And it’s so neat!

    Wide-mouth high-definition storage bag-small three-piece set

    The function of this group is to

    >> Store children’s clothes

    >> Load toys with larger portions



    If you don’t collect large building blocks properly,

    Very easy to accumulate dust

    So after Evan stopped playing for a while,

    I will put it in BAGTORY and keep it away

    Take it out after a while

    For Evan, it’s like getting a new toy~




    Open bag mouth

    It’s easy to put away toys and pick them up>//<

    Many mommies also use this to store baby clothes!

    The large capacity is very useful~


    Evan's full toy car


    Gear set that is very afraid of dust

    (This is super troublesome to clean!! So it’s safest to use a BAGTORY bag with a top cover!!)



    Place it in the play room so that children can see at a glance what toys are available~

    It’s very convenient for children to choose toys!!


    Easy-to-carry HD storage bag – large size

    Okay, everyone, please pay attention~

    This is Mother J’s secret favorite outing item!

    I love him so much that I even took him with me when I went abroad to Hokkaido~~~~


    There is a place to write your name on the bag



    Wide carrying strap

    You can carry it on your shoulders


    I use this set to hold Evan’s water play equipment!

    Swimsuit ~ towel ~ beach shoes ~ water toys ~ change of clothes

    Just throw them all in!

    The capacity is sufficient and easy to install!



    Needless to say, the large opening design

    (BAGTORY all has such a big mouth~)

    Compared to ordinary backpacks

    It’s much easier to find something when you’re looking for it!!


    I only put in Evan's swimming supplies

    In fact, the space of this

    You can also put in mommy’s swimsuit and a change of clothes!

    Last time I went to Hokkaido for swimming and bathing.

    They are all walking around carrying this bag!


    Swimming in the summer~ Bathing in the hot springs in the winter

    In short, this bag has endless uses when taking your children out to play ~~~~

    The above photo was taken at Hoshino Smile Beach, Hokkaido

    Even J’s mother’s down jacket is stuffed in it hahahahahaha


    Easy-to-carry HD storage bag extra large

    This is the treasure bag king that I use to put Evan’s sleeping bag!!

    If you are looking for a sleeping bag bag

    It’s him!!!



    Comparison pictures with big models for mommies’ reference~

    It’s no problem to put a quilt at home!


    I often see the parents of Brother Evan’s classmates riding their motorcycles to pick up the get out of class, and then use oversized plastic bags to pack their sleeping bags.

    Plastic bags are filled with holes and are difficult to pack

    If you don’t have a bag for your sleeping bag at home,

    BAGTORY is here waiting for you to send him~~~ XD


    Wide Mouth HD Storage Bag – Extra Large

    The size is 56*46*32 cm

    The capacity is even larger than the one just introduced for sleeping bags!!


    A large blanket that can be packed into the winter

    sheets etc.

    (And then it’s still not enough to pack XD)

    We also use a BAGTORY bag of this size to hold our duvets!!



    Pack till the end


    It took three extra Evan quilts to fill it up!



    A big bag like this needs a handle to make it easier to carry.

    Otherwise, it will be difficult to move it out in the cabinet!



    Double-mouth HD storage bag – three-piece mixed set

    There are big ones within a group. middle. miscellaneous items

    BAGTORY bags with double pockets

    J Mom would recommend it as the best way to store clothes!!


    when not in use

    Can it be folded into this shape? Is it flat?

    Unlike ordinary wardrobes that take up a lot of space!!


    In winter, my mother’s pajamas are thrown in


    No need to buy extra wardrobe

    Just throw this bag into an unused space in your closet, hahaha


    Take a look when looking for clothes

    Instantly know if the clothes you want are in this bag!




    Useful big opening!



    There are additional openings on the side!

    That’s why I said this is a double-opening model~


    What’s the best use for the opening on the side!?


    Do mommies often have to take the clothes on the bottom?

    Will the clothes be turned around in a mess and make it difficult to take them out?

    With side opening

    You can easily pull out the clothes underneath from the side!!!!!!!


    No need to dig clothes out from above

    Or be very bold and take out all the clothes on top

    Just pull it out easily from the side


    This is the so-called meeting at a late date!!!!!!!!!

    If only I had known earlier that there was such a thing as BAGTORY ~

    You don’t have to sweat profusely when picking up clothes!



    Evan has about 20 gauze quilts (I can’t help it because I love buying them so much)

    Leave it to BAGTORY!!!


    Thick bath towel~winter coat~

    No matter how you collect it, it’s easy to collect!


    Sweaters like this

    I will definitely put him in BAGTORY and seal it

    Avoid collecting dust

    It also reduces the chance of Evan absorbing dander!

    Children with nose allergies

    The less you encounter this type of sweater, the better

    Sweaters in an open wardrobe

    It is easy for children to become allergic





    Large opening for storing clothes

    The side opening is great for holding clothes

    This is the power of double openings!

    And then~~

    Please follow my mother to see how BAGTORY can be integrated into your home wardrobe!!!!


    I have a small unused space in my closet

    But because there is a silver clothes hanger pole standing there

    Therefore, it cannot be placed in ordinary storage boxes and wardrobes.

    I've been worried about this space for a long time

    It always feels like a waste!!!!!!!


    The presenc of BAGTORY

    Saved me ah ah ah

    It’s not as hard as a storage box or a wardrobe and cannot be stuffed into it.

    These two BAGTORY bags squeeze a little bit

    Just enough to fit into this hole!!


    Double opening

    It’s so easy to hold clothes when you need them hehe!

    I reorganized my wardrobe with BAGTORY

    After making good use of the idle space

    The wardrobe actually has several extra spaces!!!

    It can be used again, hahahaha




    Transparent steel frame storage box - small (50*40*17 cm)

    You can press it flat when not in use~


    The advanced BAGTORY!

    Why is it called an advanced model!?


    He joined the steel frame

    Let BAGTORY transform from a storage bag into a genuine wardrobe

    Increased stiffness

    Easier to stack up!




    The transparent steel frame series is a double-opening model

    There is a big opening on top

    There is also an opening on the side for easy access!



    Handle design

    Easy to move ~



    When I got the transparent steel frame model

    Please push the flat steel frame to the outside first

    The steel frame can be erected!


    Deng Deng!!!!

    It’s just a very useful storage box~~~

    With the support of steel frame

    Completely solves the problem of easy deformation of traditional storage boxes

    Zippered upper cover, strong dust resistance

    Moms who like steel frame models should go for it~

    According to manufacturer's report

    Steel frame models are available as soon as the discount group is opened

    They are bound to be out of stock...

    I mean I can understand why everyone is so crazy.

    Dust-proof storage box that is not easily deformed

    This is exactly what I need!!!!!!!

    (So ​​I grabbed it too XD)


    Can hold multiple pieces of clothing

    J’s mother uses it to store my thick winter coat!


    The big opening is great here

    Even such a large thick coat can be easily put in!



    Put away the two pieces neatly

    It’s a pleasure to watch~~



    Thick coat storage is completed!!!

    Not a drop of sweat~

    Mommies just need to make good use of the tools

    Changing seasons is so easy hahahaha

    This can also hold a lot of children’s clothes.


    Transparent steel frame storage box-medium size

    Come, come, come~

    Put all the clothes you need to change from season to season.

    That's it



    I put most of Evan's winter clothes in it.

    There is so much space!!



    You can see clearly from top to bottom and from left to right what clothes are inside this box~!

    If you want to store clothes

    I recommend the small and medium models the most.

    The size is perfect for the average family!



    Transparent steel frame storage box large size

    It is recommended to enlarge the quilt. Thick coat. Large toy storage and more


    Double opening design~


    This big storage box

    J’s mother used it as a storage cabinet for my bags!!!!!

    Very powerful size~~~

    It is generally difficult to buy storage boxes of this size!!!



    J’s mother’s invincible dustproof box!

    I will also put sterilizing and drying gadgets inside.

    Keep the entire box in top condition!


    You don’t have to rummage through boxes when you go out to choose a bag.

    Just open it and take it hahaha!!!



    You can stack three of them~


    It’s okay to just stack two.

    Do whatever you want~~


    Take a look at the space in our closet

    Is it too wasteful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mommy can also check if there is a small space under the bed or cabinet at home.

    You can put a transparent steel frame into it to store items!



    With the easy-to-use BAGTORY transparent steel frame storage box

    The wardrobe is neat and tidy.

    J’s mother has already ordered a new transparent steel frame storage box.

    Come and clear this space and put it full of money hahaha!!!






    Excerpted and reproduced from the "Miss Jill x Evan" blog

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