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[Storage Tips] BAGTORY E-See Storage Bag, easily organize your life and become a housework expert

Shared by Molly 



After I become a mother, I haven't seen any skin care products, makeup products, clothes and bags for a long time. The only thing that interests me now is relating to my child and family.

I believe everyone uses storage bags in their homes. Our house was reorganized earlier, and then toiler-made a wardrobe at adults’ room. Our family has a small house, so the closet space cannot be too large. It is impossible to store 3 people's clothes. So we tried to use vacuum storage bags, and put all the heavy winter clothes in those storage bags and then put them under the bed. I think this idea is perfect.

However, there is always a gap between ideas and reality!!

When winter comes, we take out the vacuum storage bags under the bed, and leave them there. We haven't taken out summer clothes in the closet because I'm lazy! I am tired enough for taking care my children. When I have time I just want to sleep. So vacuum storage bags was placed on the floor, and I turned clothes around every day. Finally, vacuum storage bags exploded!!!!!

Pictures and the truth

Alright, after the opening as above, I’m going to share this good household item, which is BAGTORY E-See storage bag! The BAGTORY storage bag is a registered product in Hong Kong. It is good quality and easy-to-use storage bag! BAGTORY storage bag is even more popular in Taiwan. Many Taiwanese mothers like it and say it is easy to use!

I admitted that I didn’t pay attention on storage bags before, as long as it could store things was fine. After having bad experience, BAGTORY storage bag came to my house in time. I found that it was very important to use a good texture storage bag! There are four types of BAGTORY bag - double-opening, space-saving, lightweight and wide-opening. There are also portable types, suitable for storing all kinds of quilts, clothing, toys and items.


I have 6 BAGTORY storage bags of different sizes on my hands. I prefer to use storage bags more than storage boxes. The boxes are not as flexible as bags.


Each model has a different size and function. It is the first time I have seen the storage bag so well and intimately! Even the leaflet has a detailed description of the size and purpose of each storage bag.


BAGTORY E-See storage bag is transparent on six sides, and you can clearly see the position of the items inside the bag. It is easy to take out, more dust-proof and anti-fouling, and it is made of durable thick material and special thickness of 0.3mm environmentally friendly transparent PVC, which makes me rest assured Up!

The trims including binding and zipper are high-quality! Thick nylon binding is more durable with high-quality double zipper.

Wide-opening, large and extra large models are good for placing bedding and heavy clothes.

Wide opening type, extra large size: L56 x W46 x H32 (cm)

Wide opening type, large size: L46 x W36 x H32 (cm)

I have many sweaters, but the sweater cannot be hung, and it takes up a lot of closet space if folded. After I put it in BAGTORY E-See storage bag, which is convenient and easy to take, becoming my mobile wardrobe in winter!

The wide-opening type is really convenient, easy to organize and store items.

The wide-opening, extra large version also comes with handle.

The wide opening, large type is used to store heavy clothes.

This style has handles on both sides.

Because its material is very good, and the appearance is also nature and simple style that I like, so I decided to use them as mobile wardrobes in winter, and putting the whole bag under the bed immediately after the winter.

There is another smaller model which has handle on both sides. It is a wide-opening, small size (L36 x W26 x H18 (cm)), which can be used for storing items.

I used this bag for storing my kid’s toy in the living room, by the way, I also let my kid learn to store his toy after playing.

I share the following double opening styles, I think they are very easy to use!

Double opening (large size) L36 x W26 x H32 (cm)

Double opening (medium) L32 x W20 x H32 (cm)

Double opening (small) L32 x W14 x H32 (cm)

There is a wide opening at the top for storage.

There is another opening on the side that contained items can be accessed.

This model is very suitable to be placed in small corners of the home. It is good to store commonly used items, such as backpacks and handbags. The six sides are transparent at a glance, and the desired items can be easily accessed from the side opening.

Refer to the user pictures of BAGTORY bags, everyone can easily become a housework expert after using them.

In addition, I also think that the small tote bag is so cute, which is convenient for traveling and storing baby's things.

Many people in Hong Kong's small houses may still think that vacuum storage bags are better, but the function of BAGTORY storage bag is different to them. BAGTORY storage bag is convenient for storage, and it is a good helper for classification! Moreover, BAGTORY storage bags provide many different sizes, and are suitable for storage at home or travel needs, no matter the items need not be used for a long or short time, or need to be used frequently, BAGTORY storage bag will definitely help!


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