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| Children's play corner | Sharing of toy / teaching materials storage

Shared by Oscar Mom


Home is the most important space in the life of the whole family. Once there is one more child in the family life, I think there are many more challenges. The neatly house becomes the past tense, and the house will be full of toys and children's frolicking sounds everywhere.


Once my kid is added to our family life, our living condition and environment needs to be changed, especially our furniture needs to be re-arranged. In reality, I believe that there will be many things at home, especially children’s toys, teaching aids, painting aids, etc. Then parents need to face and learn how to storage those items at home.


Because of improper storage, the home will be more messy. Since my house is not big, I will carefully shop and check any storage bag/box before actually buying it. I usually evaluate its "functionality", "practicality", and "matching with house’s decoration". Good storage bag or box not only store things effectively and efficiency but also it cannot deteriorate your house’s decoration or environment.


"Summarize first, 3 storage tips to create children's play corners"


Tips 1: Consider how many things to be stored before buying how many pieces of storing bag / box

I like to use transparent storage bag or box because I will see all contents at a glance, and then I can determine how many pieces of storage bag / box are required.


Tips 2: Decide where to be stored

You should see where things are stored at a glance, no matter adults or kids. Perfectly the storage place should be reached by children, so that children can easily handle their storage by themselves.

Non-transparent storage boxes are not suitable to be placed at the top of the shelf. It’s easy to forget what kind of items is stored. Once forgotten, many people may leave it on forever and stop touching it.


Tips 3: As children grow up, they need to constantly re-examine the needs of his personal belongings.

There will only be more and more toy, teaching materials, etc. Then he should consider which things are kept and which things will be thrown away. Try not to accumulate them.


Multi-purpose zipper activity bag


This zipper pocket is easy to take out and put in, and both sides are transparent, that we can see clear at a glance. I used to store word cards and flash cards. The two-hole type can be fastened with a rubber ring for easy flipping.

Product link: Multi-purpose activity bag AB29


BAGTORY E-See storage bag


Various types and sizes of storage bags can store small toys and stationery items, and can also be classified by color. The most important thing is the zipper design, which is easy to take in and put out. The stored items are dust-proof and the bag surface is also easy cleaned.


*Lightweight style


Product link: BAGTORY E-See storage bag, lightweight style, mixed sizes, ES002 Combo


*Portable style


This bag has a small handle and it is used to store toys.


Product link: BAGTORY E-See storage bag, portable style, small size, TH008S


*Slim style


Product link: BAGTORY E-See storage bag, Slim style, mixed sizes, ES001LMS


*Hand-Carry Style


It’s good to store beach toys when you’re out. The focus is waterproof and easy cleaning.


Product link: BAGTORY E-See storage bag, Hand-Carry Style, small size, CH006


In summary


The living room is the place where the whole family stays the longest, so my goal is to create a space where children can read, have fun, and adults can relax and accompany their children. Now this area has become a favorite play place for children.

The habit of children is mostly learned from parents. When the children can’t do it by themselves, the parents should demonstrate to the children how to store toys, and explain to the children why they should do this. The most important thing is to understand instructions "where to put" and "how to put" so that the child can complete the task by himself.


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