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| Storage ideas from BAGTORY | Don’t be surprised no matter how many toys you have! All toys are seen at a glance

Since the addition of a child in family has brought many challenges, the neatly house will become a history. It is filled with toys and children's sounds everywhere, as well as the never-ending excitement and vitality.


I believe that every mother is constantly entangled in buying toys and tidying up toys. On the one hand, she can’t stop buying all kinds of toys for her children. On the other hand, she can’t stop complaining that too many toys make the house too messy. This case will only be worsening. Finally the storage of kids’ toys will become important matter in parents’ minds.


To create a comfortable and tidy home environment, of course, it starts from the selection of storage bag/box from BAGTORYBelow I will share my storage tips.



I really like transparent storage bag, because all contents can be seen at a glance, and the size of the storage bag is determined by the amount of toys. Therefore, my family bought a lot of storage bags from BAGTORY, from small to large, all kinds of colors.


Multi-purpose zipper activity bag

This zipper pocket is easy to take and put, and both side is transparent, so you can see it at a glance. Every time you ask on the special page where you bought it? ! Although there are similar models of other brands, the quality and durability are not as good as BAGTORY.


I used narrow and long type to store textbooks, word cards, flash cards. Those zipper pockets can be fastened with a rubber ring, and then can be flipping.


The wide-body type is A4 size. I use to put all my work papers or some teaching materials. If there are students and children at home, it is also suitable for putting homework.


Narrow and long type (AB29)


A tip for everyone, I will put in PVC sheet as divider.


Wide body type (AB32)

A4 size, I use to put all my work papers or some textbooks, if there are students’ children at home, it is also very suitable for putting homework.

Bagtory E-See storage bag

Various types and sizes of storage bags can store small toys and stationery items, and can also be classified by color. The most important thing is the zipper design, which is easy to take and put, dust and dirt, and the bag surface can be cleaned easily.

Lightweight (ES002)

The compact design is suitable for storing small toys and stationery.


Portable Style

This bag is good for storing toys. There is a small handle and this portable design is convenient for children.

If you don’t know what size to buy, I recommend you can consider this style

BAGTORY E-See Storage Bag – Portable style (XL/L/M – 3 pieces per set) – TH008XLM

 ▲My kid's car bag! It is also very good to use the toilet paper tube as a parking space for trolleys/cars.

Portable handle bag - I used to put my kid’s beach tools. It is clear at a glance, take and leave it.


Slim style (ES001)


Portable Style

The portable design is suitable for storing beach toys when going out. Take it and just go out easily. The focus is waterproof and easy to clean.


In fact, this style is very suitable for children in full-time classes, for containing nap pillow & quilt in a bag. There is a small name tag at the corner of the bag for you to write your class and name.


*BAGTORY E-See Storage Bag : Portable Style (Large Size)

There is also a small name tag at the corner of the bag. You can write down you name and class.

BAGTORY bag can fully utilize idle corners or abnormal space by placing those bags at those area.


Copied from [Oscar's Post] blog